Celebrating 20 Years with Uinta Academy

Celebrating Uinta Academy Anniversary - Equine Therapy

Uinta proudly marks a significant milestone as it celebrates 20 years of providing transformative support to teens and their families. Uinta Academy has evolved into a leading residential treatment center from humble beginnings with a single home, dedicated staff members, a handful of horses, and a shared mission of helping adolescent girls. With five homes, including specialized programs for young adults, over 70 caring staff members, and a herd of 50 horses, Uinta Academy has become renowned for its robust equine therapy programs and unwavering commitment to empowering young individuals.

Since opening its doors, Uinta Academy has witnessed remarkable growth and development. Today, it boasts a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to treatment, with expertise in equine therapy, trauma-informed therapy, attachment theories, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Combining evidence-based practices with a nurturing therapeutic milieu, Uinta Academy offers intense clinical treatment through individual, family, and group therapy, all delivered by licensed professionals.

Uinta Academy has embraced a relational approach to support its students, moving away from the point system traditionally associated with the Teaching-Family Model. Instead, they prioritize in-the-moment teaching and relational skills, fostering genuine connections and promoting real-time growth. This shift has allowed students to internalize their newfound skills, propelling them toward healing and personal development.

Beyond therapy, Uinta Academy offers a holistic experience that extends far beyond the treatment setting. Students have unique opportunities to engage in community volunteer work, embark on exploration trips, and even participate in vocational and college courses. Uinta Academy recognizes the importance of preparing students for a successful future, equipping them with practical skills, and encouraging personal and academic growth.

As Uinta Academy enters its next chapter, the dedicated staff remains committed to meeting the challenges and opportunities of the future. With a steadfast focus on helping families and teens overcome obstacles, Uinta Academy looks forward to continuing its legacy of transformation for years to come.

Uinta Academy is a residential treatment center serving youth-assigned female at birth ages 12–20 who struggle with attachment issues, mood disorders, maintaining interpersonal relationships, and/or healing after trauma. Uinta’s equine-assisted psychotherapy, trauma-informed therapy, research-based therapeutic milieu, and accredited academic program promote long-lasting change.

A safe place for emotional growth.