How Social Media is Destroying Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem

social media influence - Portrait of a serious girl thinking outdoors - Uinta Academy

Social media has been an incredible asset to society, improving the way we communicate, connect, and share our lives with others. While it has its benefits, it also negatively impacts our lives, especially those of young teens. Teenagers’ brains are still developing, making these years crucial to establish healthy boundaries with technology and social media.…

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Regulating Emotions through Equine Therapy: A Journey to Emotional Well-being

Equine Therapy At Uinta Academy

Equine therapy, a therapeutic approach that harnesses the centuries-long companionship between horses and humans, has proven effective in promoting mental health and overall well-being. With their keen sensitivity and strong prey drive, horses can read and respond to human emotions, making them exceptional therapeutic partners. Equine Therapy at Uinta Licensed therapists at Uinta work closely…

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