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We believe that all students can succeed academically and it is our mission to give each student the skills and confidence to do so. For many of the students who attend school at Uinta, this is the first time they have experienced academic success. Our goal is to support our students no matter their academic history.

Our teachers work closely with the clinical team to have an all encompassing understanding of the individual needs of the student. With a 4:1 student to teacher ratio, each student has individualized lesson planning and support on their journey to success.

Our staff first work to assess each student’s level of academic performance alongside their clinical needs to identify and remediate any deficiencies in their academic skills. The next step is to identify each individual’s learning style and provide specific tools that will support their learning ability.

Each classroom lesson is presented in a manner that teaches students how to learn — a sustainable skill set that can be transferred to future academic settings. A student's executive functioning is critical to their academic success, so we intentionally spend time developing these skills at Uinta. Executive functions are brain-based cognitive skills that facilitate critical thinking and self-regulation.

These include skills on what to do – prioritizing, starting tasks, paying attention, persevering, remembering material – and how to do – planning, organizing, shifting strategies, and managing time.

These skills are taught and reinforced in the classroom and in other settings throughout the student’s day. When a student masters these skills, their academic competence leads to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Students leave Uinta believing that they can achieve academic success wherever they go.

"I am deeply impressed with the integrity of Uinta’s style and approach. Clearly they have a very wonderful vision and commitment that is making a real impact on teens and young adults."

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