When parents visit Uinta Academy they are universally impressed with the stunning surroundings and are happy to discover that their child will be living in a lovely home surrounded by warm and caring staff. We know that students are nervous when they start treatment. We feel that it is important for them to live in an environment that looks and feels like home, and that is accepting, warm, and nurturing. This increases their acceptance of the treatment process and helps them feel like “normal” teenagers. Our homes are interspersed in a rural community where the students can benefit from the peace and tonic of nature; yet we are only minutes from Logan, home of Utah State University, and only an hour from Salt Lake City.

True healing only happens when a student feels cared for and connected to others, so as soon as a new student steps in the door they are included in all group activities. A youth mentor takes them by the hand and provides friendship, encouragement, and a positive example. Warm and friendly staff are always near to explain, listen, and help. The student has a voice in the decision-making process about family outings, menus, household budgeting, and activities. They help with household chores, shopping, cooking, and laundry. They hang out with other students and staff playing games, watching movies, singing around the piano, or just being silly. Soon, Uinta becomes their home-away-from-home. The warm, family-like environment at Uinta fosters the best clinical work and healing.

Social Media

A focus at Uinta is helping each student develop a healthy self-identity. When a child or young adult realizes their value, they can foster healthy relationships and set boundaries with others. Before coming to Uinta, most of our students relied on social media as a false way to shape their identity and form relationships. It is our goal to help teens and young adults understand and normalize the impact that various forms of media have on their development and identity. As such, students that have an understanding of their core issues and are beginning to enact various changes have the privilege of entering the world of social media

The student and their therapist will begin by evaluating previous postings on social media outlets. This is done to help them process the messages they are presenting to the world and evaluate friendships and patterns related to acceptance and rejection. After this real-time practice with a therapist, students will have the opportunity to engage in social media on their own with structure and monitoring. Over time, this structure and monitoring will be minimized as the student shows they are able to manage social media outlets with a firm understanding of how they are portraying and feeling about themselves.

"Uinta is all about the people you’ve brought together- a very special group. It’s been a privilege to be part of this family- it has felt like a family- loving & supportive at every step."