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Residential Treatment & Equine Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Uinta Academy Therapeutic Overview

Uinta Academy is the nation’s leading multi-dimensional residential treatment center for teens. We specialize with teens who struggle with relationships or attachment or who have experienced trauma. Uinta’s therapeutic and sophisticated treatment program is balanced by a warm, nurturing, family-style living environment.

Uinta Academy offers therapeutic treatment in the form of individual, family, and group therapy delivered by licensed professionals. A research-based therapeutic milieu, accredited academic program, equine-assisted psychotherapy, a robust integrated cultural arts program, recreational therapy, and a healthy lifestyles element round out the program at Uinta.

Equine Therapy at Uinta Academy

Uinta’s equine program is the most purposeful and comprehensive equine program in residential treatment. There is a reason that horses are such great partners in helping individuals through personal struggles. Horses are herd animals with social order, much like humans. They seek companionship and must find their place in the herd’s social structure. When a teen spends time with a horse, they must assess and figure out her relationship with their horse while the horse figures out the relationship as well. How a teen manages this process often mirrors their relationships with other people.

"Teens and young adults who come to Uinta are pleasantly surprised that they live in a home in a residential neighborhood, that the mountains are right outside their door, and that they get to do all the normal things that teenagers like to do."

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