Individualized Programs

For many of the students at Uinta, they achieve academic success for the first time. This is due to the strength of the individualized nature of our academic program. It is our belief that we must start each student at their current academic level. For this reason, we have a rolling enrollment that allows us to begin classes wherever a student left off at home. This way, they will not have to repeat classes for which the student has already earned credit or have to begin a class in the middle of the year, which can leave them feeling “behind” and frustrated. Additionally, each student's academic program can be tailored to meet her needs. We follow existing IEP plans and maintain contact with a student’s home district.

Uinta classrooms have a high teacher-to-student ratio so that individualized instruction is always available to students when they need it. We also offer a wide range of both core classes and electives that can help prepare a college-bound students with the tools they will need or help a struggling student to gain both confidence in her abilities and skills for life. The academic program is also an essential component of the integrated therapy at Uinta. Our teachers communicate regularly with the therapists; they know what skills each student is working on and can tailor their instruction according to those strengths and weaknesses.

"Teens and young adults who come to Uinta are pleasantly surprised that they live in a home in a residential neighborhood, that the mountains are right outside their door, and that they get to do all the normal things that teenagers like to do."

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