Young Adult Activities

We are deeply committed to the idea that maintaining a balanced lifestyle is fundamental to mental health and recovery. This means getting regular exercise for your physical health and to help manage stress, taking part in community events to feel connected and supported, and pursuing personal interests and hobbies for self-discovery and expression. By integrating these elements into our programming, we aim to empower our young adults to build resilience, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and cultivate a positive outlook on life.

Young adults who come to Uinta have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of outings and recreational activities, designed to enrich their lives and foster a sense of community. These activities include educational and fun trips to local attractions such as the Hogle Zoo, where they can learn about different species and their habitats, and the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, offering a glimpse into the wonders of the universe.

Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune

Patrons walk under the Solar System at the Clark Planetarium at The Gateway in Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday March 26, 2013.

For those seeking adventure, we organize exciting rock climbing outings and hikes in the beautiful surrounding landscapes, providing both a physical challenge and a way to connect with nature. For relaxation, visits to nearby hot springs offer a tranquil escape, while competitive bowling games add a fun and spirited element to our program. Additionally, we place an emphasis on physical health and wellbeing, with regular visits to the Logan gym three times a week. Opportunities to exercise at the gym promote healthy habits of self-care while easing stress through endorphin release.

While these activities mainly aim for fun and recreation, they also help reintegrate our young adults into community life and rekindle their interest in various hobbies, especially if they've drifted away from these interests.

Though our young adult home joins the adolescents for their monthly adventure, activities such as the gym, horseback riding, and weekly community activities are house-specific. This helps strengthen the relationship between our young adults and their staff, while maintaining consistency within their milieu. The shared monthly exploration experiences with the adolescent group align with our Family Systems Therapy, building a sense of community and togetherness while allowing both houses to practice integration and social-skills.