Treatment Overview

At Uinta, we approach treatment by taking into account that each person is a unique individual with a distinct set of skills, strengths, and characteristics. We can help them recognize and utilize these to overcome their personal challenges. This strength-based approach empowers young people to take control of their own treatment through using their strengths to overcome challenges.

If a person feels capable of managing their own life, they will have the strength and confidence to make positive changes and abandon victimhood. Developing a person’s internal locus of control, fostering self responsibility and accountability, and restoring empowerment are key elements to Uinta’s relationship-based treatment approach.

Individualized Treatment

Uinta Academy creates a comprehensive, cohesive treatment plan for each client by looking at the whole person, not just the difficulties that they are experiencing. The treatment plan assesses and brings together the cognitive, emotional, psychological, and social aspects of their life. By using relationally-focused, research-validated approaches that support each individual’s current mental health, we ensure that each person is provided with the type and level of treatment that is best suited to meet their unique needs.

Integrated Therapy

Your child lives in a network of interconnected systems that encompass themselves, their family, peers, school, and community. Problems in any of these systems may have impeded their success. The integrated therapy approach at Uinta creates a cohesive treatment plan that coordinates all of these systems to support healing. We believe that the normalized, family-style environment at Uinta is an important tool in assessing where an individual may have challenges. The strengths that they display in some areas of their life may be used to facilitate change in other areas of life.

A treatment team member from every system (clinical, academic, residential, medical and recreational) meets every week to discuss each student and coordinate efforts on their behalf. We also integrate families through weekly family therapy, monthly visits, and other on-campus events. Uinta’s integrated approach has demonstrated extensive improvements in family cohesiveness and functioning alongside decreased mental health and social problems in adolescents.

Clinical Excellence and Experience

Every member of the clinical team at Uinta Academy has extensive training and experience in a number of treatment modalities. The Uinta team consists of licensed professionals from all over the U.S. who have a myriad of treatment experiences. This robust clinical care includes the following modalities:

"The journey wasn’t always an easy one, but today they are a happy and healthy young person with a bright future ahead."

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