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Uinta Academy is owned and directed by a licensed clinician. Clinicians make the frontline decisions that determine the quality and efficacy of care at Uinta because they have the technical knowledge needed to make sound strategic choices about treatment. When parents make that initial call to Uinta to discuss their daughter, they speak to a licensed clinician. The clinical leadership at Uinta has shaped the professional identity and sense of dedication for all staff at Uinta.

There is no substitute for experience. It takes many years of experience to develop the style, proficiency and therapeutic tools necessary to assist adolescents in meaningful ways. The founders, Jeff and Becky Simpson, each have over 35 years of experience working with youth and families. They have gathered a team of Masters and Ph.D. level clinicians and educators who all have significant, extensive experience working with families and helping young people. Young women facing complicated issues need a team that can draw on their experience to develop effective, individualized treatment strategies and problem solve through complex issues and diagnosis.

Academic success is a core value at Uinta because education makes it possible for a young woman to pursue her dreams. Prepared with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, a young woman has greater opportunity to realize her full potential. No aspect of school life, be it in the realm of academic performance, academic achievement or social acceptance, leaves a girl’s self-esteem untouched. Helping girls achieve academic success gives them the gift of empowerment and belief in themselves. That’s why over 96% of the girls who graduate from high school at Uinta go on to college.

Some of the progressive and innovative programs pioneered by Uinta Academy:

  • One of the first programs to discard Level Systems and implement Stages of Change Model
  • The first integrated transition program
  • The first to unite clinical intensity and sophistication with a true family-style environment
  • The most comprehensive and clinically integrated equine program
  • The first to use horses for attachment and relational transference
  • A unique evidence-based academic program
  • A research-based cultural arts program
  • The most comprehensive group therapy schedule for young women
  • An evidence-based therapeutic milieu
  • A well-defined strategy and practice for social media integration
  • Pioneered the concept of all students participating in off-campus trips and activities

Many of these have now become standard programming for residential treamtent centers.

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