Uinta’s Young Adult Program serves young adults ages 12-20 who are having problems transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Many of these young adults are struggling to finish high school, or even if they have graduated, are struggling to find their place in an adult world. These young adults want to be independent, but lack the skills, insight, and boundaries needed to navigate society as an autonomous adult. In the Young Adult program, they are challenged to take responsibility for their lives, gain insight into what stands in the way of progress, and work toward goals of independence and future success.

The Uinta Academy Young Adult Program offers clinical sophisticated individual, family, and group therapy specific to the needs of an emerging adult.

Each young adult participates in developing an individualized plan for achievement that includes academic goals, independent living goals, social skills development, and insight development. An individual's plan may involve obtaining a high school diploma or GED, taking classes at the local college or tech school, taking on-line college courses.  As young adults practice new skills and achieve success in these activities, their increased confidence will help them soar toward their goals and aspirations.

Understanding Their True Identity

As with all young adults, they want to be independent but lack the skills, insight, and boundaries needed to navigate society.

The therapies offered at the Young Adult Program help the young adult to find out who they are as a person, and guide them into understanding their true identity. The key to each young adult's success is to help them gain the insight and confidence that they can carry into life as they launch into the world. As young adult learns who they are, their success will grow exponentially and the benefits of their hard work will be manifested in her personal, professional, and social relationships.

The young adult learns what is important in their life, so as they leave Uinta Academy, they will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment, which helps them grow into the adult who they truly want and deserves to be.

"The transformation, more like a rebirth, has given this sweet young lady a second change for happiness, success and life itself."

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