Jerry B.
August 2022

We found Uinta to be incredibly helpful in giving our daughter the support and structure she needed to better understand herself and work on healing.

Samantha H.
August 2022

Uinta Academy was instrumental in the care and wellbeing of our daughter. She learned important life skills, connected with other girls, learned how to work through problems in a healthy way, and so much more there. She is now thriving individually as we all are together as a family. Thank you Uinta!

Charlotte W.
August 2022

Uinta helped me heal and gave me the tools I needed to succeed, without this amazing program I would not be here today. I am forever grateful for this place.

Shane A.
August 2022

Our daughter battled with social anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Outpatient counseling was not sufficient. Our daughter needed residential. At Uintah treatment happens in a home which removes some of institutionalized feel of some treatment programs. The staff at Uintah care about teens and are effective and helping them through complex personal problems and mental health issues. I am a therapist myself. I am familiar with residential treatment programs across the country. Uintah is one of the most professional and effective. I read some of the one-star reviews. I disagree with these their comments come across as overly reactive and critical. If the parents and teen are willing to do their work, you can have a good experience with residential, especially at Uintah

Bob M.
August 2022

Our adopted daughter Alicia spent 18 months at Uinta and graduated high school at the end of her time there. She followed her post-graduation plan and is now on her way to completing her teaching degree. More importantly, she is now able to function as a capable, loving, and responsible adult thanks mainly to the skills developed at Uinta.

Sarah R.
August 2022

Uinta was a life changer for my daughter and the program probably saved her life. The staff were very caring toward my daughter and the rest of my family. The program and the people understood my daughter's issues and how to work through them. I started to see the transformation in my daughter and out relationship. She did the hard work and got amazing results. She has become a healthy and happy person with a new lease on life. Thank Uinta!


More than half of our Affiliated Program Owners are clinicians or educators with more than 300 years of direct program experience; teaching/providing therapy to adolescents & young adults


Adolescents who participate in NATSAP Industry-wide programs like ours achieve a ~50% to 55% improvement at discharge through 12 months with interpersonal & physical distress, interpersonal relationships, social problems, dangerous thoughts and behavior disfunction


Our Affiliated Licensed Programs track everything from negative student behaviors, sports injuries, doctor visits & other incidents. Over 5 years and 15,600 recorded events, fewer than 50 (0.003) of events required a physician or hospital visit.“

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