Uinta’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ned Atwood, is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. Dr. Atwood takes a multidimensional approach, always considering the way biological, psychological, and social factors contribute to an individual's functioning, and synthesizing the broad picture into an evidence-based treatment plan with sensible management of a client's most disruptive symptoms. Generally, a teen or young adult is allowed to settle into the treatment experience for several weeks prior to Dr. Atwood’s evaluation. This gives the treatment team time to observe behavior and emotional states in a variety of situations. Dr. Atwood is always considering the impact of medications and mental illness on adolescent/adult brain development and tries to strike a balance between limiting medication through the lowest effective dose while advocating for the use of sometimes novel approaches when the benefits outweigh the risks. Dr. Atwood always consults with our client’s therapist and parents before making changes to the treatment plan.


Our Nurse, Kayla Stock R.N., provides a medical assessment for your child when they arrive at Uinta. This helps her assess any immediate medical needs, as well as plan for future needs such as eye exams, hearing exams, dental and/or orthodontic checkups, and physical exams. Kayla works closely with our doctors to ensure the child's ongoing physical and mental well-being. She makes sure that each person's immunizations are current and provides consultation and monitoring for teens with eating and weight issues, diabetes, and other health issues. Kayla also works with our dietician to ensure that individual child's nutritional needs are met. Kayla is available to them if they have questions or need to talk about their medical needs. Kayla manages the child's medications and works with the pharmacy to ensure that medications are accurate and packaged properly. She supervises medication administration for the children and ensures that they receive all necessary vitamins and supplements.

"You can trust Uinta to not give up on a student."

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