It’s not enough for a teen to achieve their goals and meet success while in treatment. We feel the true measure of a teen's success is their ability to transfer new skills and abilities to other settings and environments, such as home or college. That’s why we pioneered the idea of integrated transition. We were the first program to successfully implement an integrated transition program into the treatment experience. Many other programs have begun to replicate this idea. That’s because it’s a great way to assess a teen's ability to maintain new behaviors and generalize skills to new social settings with new people. When a teen can successfully manage the changes that occur during the transitional phase at Uinta, we know they can navigate the transition to home or a new school. The transition experience gives them the confidence to soar into their new life.

Transition Home

When a teen enters the final phase of their treatment experience at Uinta, they move into our Transition home. This gives them an opportunity to practice initiating and developing healthy relationships and boundaries with a new set of teens. They are encouraged to take ownership in managing their daily tasks and activities. If problems arise, rather than providing all the answers, staff will guide her through mindful problem solving to work out solutions. The teens in transition spend time on home visits every month practicing skills and integrating back into their family system. Transition also allows us to prepare them for their next step, whether it is going home, going to boarding school, going into independent living, or off to college. Preparation for the next step may include taking classes at the local college or tech school, volunteering their time in the community, or getting a job. As teens deal with changes and greater expectations at Transition, we can observe any “bumps” that they experience and prepare them to successfully avoid and manage those “bumps” when they leave Uinta.

"ll we though she was capable of achieving is now happening! This would not have been accomplished without the love and support she received at Uinta Academy."

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