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Uinta Academy is a therapeutic program helping 12-20 year olds with trauma, attachment issues, identity issues, depression, anxiety, along with similar struggles. Our inclusive program accepts girls and non-binary students assigned female at birth.

We believe in the power of our students in utilizing their unique strengths to overcome their struggles. We foster an environment that is safe and supportive—we give students the tools and confidence to solve their problems.

"Teens and young adults who come to Uinta are pleasantly surprised that they live in a home in a residential neighborhood, that the mountains are right outside their door, and that they get to do all the normal things that teenagers like to do."

Comprehensive Equine Program In Residential Treatment

What Makes Us Different

One of our biggest differentiating factors (and one that our students love!) is our Individualized Equine Therapy. Every student is responsible for the well-being of a horse during their stay.

Through their clinical and personal relationships with horses, our students gain comprehensive knowledge of how to interact with others. Horses have an acute understanding of body language, and through working with them, our students learn healthy communication, reciprocity, tolerance, and showing concern.

Through our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, our students see improvements in communication, boundaries, emotional regulation, problem solving, teamwork, assertiveness, resourcefulness, and self-esteem.

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