Hannah Paxton, CSW Now Fully Certified In Equine Assisted Therapy

Hannah Paxton

Hannah Paxton, CSW

Uinta Academy therapist Hannah Paxton, CSW recently added to her certifications. After attending the O.K. Corral Training in Pueblo Colorado she is now certified in equine-assisted psychotherapy and processing techniques. While at O.K. she strengthened new techniques with both individual and group equine therapy.

Hannah shared, “My experience with horses has opened my eyes to a whole new type of therapy where the client is able to make huge breakthroughs in processing their group dynamics and individual roles in their own environments. The horses are the perfect (and cutest) mirrors to help clients see themselves in a different light.”

Hannah joined the Uinta Academy team in early 2021 and has been instrumental in helping her students better understand their feelings and thrive in changing environments. We’re excited to see Hannah apply these new skills and techniques moving forward as Uinta continues to invest in its staff, students, and their families!

Equine-assisted psychotherapy, or EAP, is a form of therapy that involves interacting with horses under the guidance of a mental health professional and an equine specialist12It is based on the idea that horses can sense and reflect human emotions and behaviors, and that working with them can help people develop skills such as problem-solving, social interaction, emotional regulation, and empathy2.

Some of the benefits of EAP for teenagers with mental health issues are: