Resources For Familes

If you have found our program, you probably have a child, friend, or peer who is struggling. Our team is available to help seven days a week.

The Trevor Project

For LGBTQ+ Youth: Get confidential, free help via call, text, or chat through the Trevor Project

Family Support

Thriving Now

Thriving Now is an independent movement built and maintained by parents to share the positive stories of thousands of youth and families who have benefited from wilderness and therapeutic programs.


Hopestream Community™ is a nonprofit collection of support and educational services for parents of adolescents and young adults struggling with substance use and mental health challenges. We provide connection, education, and healing through powerful, always-on communities, workshops, a podcast, and wellness-focused retreats and events.


Stories From The Field

Stories From the Field: Demystifying Wilderness Therapy
This podcast is dedicated to demystifying wilderness therapy and is hosted by Dr. Will White. In this podcast Will interviews various wilderness therapy researchers, program founders, writers, executive directors, guide staff, clinicians, critics and more. He educates the listener to the long history of the field and different trends related to this evolving treatment option.

Hope Stream With Brenda Zane

Hopestream podcast is the de facto audio resource for parents who have a teen or young adult child who's misusing drugs or alcohol, hosted by Brenda Zane. Guests include experts in addiction, prevention, and treatment, family members impacted by their loved one's substance use, and wellness and self-care specialists. You'll also hear heartfelt messages from Brenda, gathered from her experience parenting a child through a high-risk lifestyle and substance misuse. Hopestream is a safe, nurturing respite from the chaos and confusion parents live with when their kids struggle.



Into the Wilds: A Mother’s Guide to Wilderness Therapy is a book co-authored by two moms, Michelle King and Jenny Price, who credit wilderness therapy for saving their teens to wilderness therapy. This book shares their families’ stories, what they wished they knew before sending their teens away, who can benefit from wilderness programs, guidance on financing, and more. Michelle King advocates for wilderness therapy on instagram: Wilderness Therapy Mama

stories From The Field Book

Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy is a comprehensive chronicle of the history of the wilderness therapy field and narratives from present day wilderness therapy organizations. It is a story of experiences about people, places, and things, many of which are interconnected, that have happened to shape the evolution of wilderness therapy from the 1800's to today. All profits from the book go to research. Buy on Amazon

Therapeutic Field Resources


The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) is a membership organization requiring therapeutic programs to be in compliance with their rules and principles.



CARF International Accredited

CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Through accreditation, CARF assists service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards.

TCA- Logo

Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA) is a professional association for Therapeutic Consultants and other Referring Professionals, dedicated to advancing the field of Therapeutic Consulting through collaboration, training and education, outcome-based research, support of ethical standards, and an ongoing review of best practices of behavioral health.

Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)
Our program works closely with Educational Consultants who help identify the proper program fit. As members of IECA, Educational Consultants meet with staff and tour therapeutic programs across the country in order to help families match needs with the right program.


AMATS - Logo

Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) is a coalition of professional intervention and transport companies which provide education, legislative initiatives, and uphold standards of safe practices surrounding intervention and transport for individuals in crisis.

Financial Aid

Saving Teens Together
Sky's The Limit Fund

Saving Teens is a non-profit organization which provides scholarship aid to youth in need of therapeutic services.

Sky’s The Limit Fund provides extensive support and financial assistance for wilderness therapy to adolescents and young adults in crisis and their families in need.

"Uinta is all about the people you’ve brought together- a very special group. It’s been a privilege to be part of this family- it has felt like a family- loving & supportive at every step."

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