Susan Young MS, SPED

Academic Director - Certified English Teacher - Special Education Director

Susan Young graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English & History Education from Utah State University. She graduated in 2012 – also from Utah State – with a master’s degree in American Studies.

She is a level 2 licensed teacher in the state of Utah and is highly qualified according to their established Praxis criteria. In 2017, Susan earned a master’s degree in K-12 Mild to Moderate Special Education. From 2017 to 2021, she was the special education director at Uinta. Susan has worked at Uinta Academy since 2007; in 2021, she became the academic director. In addition to teaching, she has been involved in Uinta’s Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and assists the students in developing relationships with their horses. Susan comes from a large family – she is the youngest of seven children and has seventeen nieces and nephews. In college, she played on the USU women’s billiards team. She enjoys visiting museums, historical sites, and Disneyland with her husband, making homemade ice cream, and taking care of her mini-lop rabbit, Finn.

Susan Young

"Teens and young adults who come to Uinta are pleasantly surprised that they live in a home in a residential neighborhood, that the mountains are right outside their door, and that they get to do all the normal things that teenagers like to do."