Our Response to Negative Online Media

Malicious Tactics Used by Breaking Code Silence & Unsilenced Against Uinta Academy

Falsely characterizing Uinta Academy, a quality, licensed, proven residential program as abusive.

Uinta Academy has proven outcomes serving 700 families over 19 years utilizing licensed therapists and medical professionals who are required by state law and personal ethics to report any suspected abuse immediately. All abuse allegations are investigated by State licensing authorities who publicize results.

Uinta Academy has 4 on-site inspections per year with no record of ANY abuse. Search the Utah Department of Health & Human Services Website.

Pushing a false narrative of Uinta, resulting in negative search suggestions.

Labeling Uinta Academy with “Abuse” & “Lawsuit” creates intentional and malicious mischaracterizations of our program.

With over 700  families served, Uinta Academy has no litigation.

Using vulnerable adolescents to create content that supports mischaracterizations

Sadly, many families are forgoing treatment without knowing:

Unsilenced founder attended an unregulated, offshore program in Mexico which utilized an outdated behavioral modification approach.

Uinta Academy uses modern, trauma-informed, and relational therapy approaches.

Unsilenced and Breaking Code Silence are not treatment programs with a history of proven, documented outcomes.

Breaking Code Silence is suing Unsilenced’s founder for alleged hacking of the BCS website and social media, a violation of the Computer Fraud & Abuse act and a violation of California Penal Code.

Uinta upholds safety and transparency. We truly care for the wellbeing of children in our program.

Don’t allow coordinated misinformation to stop you from getting the help your child needs.

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