Our Philosophy

Uinta Academy believes that each young woman, no matter what her challenges and struggles, can realize her unique strengths and reach her true potential. To accomplish great things, a girl must not only plan and act, she must also believe. A girl learns to believe in herself when she discovers who she is and that she has value.

This belief allows her to give herself permission to ask for help and learn new things. Each small success and insight she gains will empower her to try more, challenge herself more, and achieve more. Through a thoughtful, deliberate approach that includes therapy, relationship development, experiential learning, and cultural arts, Uinta Academy helps young women reach their aspirations. Everything about Uinta conveys the message to each girl that she has value.

A Place of Challenge and Empowerment

Every girl has the potential to be strong, competent, resourceful, successful, and most of all…happy! Because the environment at Uinta is safe and supportive, girls can successfully meet challenges with new skills and resources.

They learn that they can solve problems, their relationships are healthier and happier, and they are competent in taking care of themselves. Uinta’s comprehensive and rigorous treatment approach expects a lot from girls because we know that meeting challenges successfully builds self esteem and empowers girls to take control of their life journey.

A Place of Academic Accomplishment

Uinta’s ultimate goal is to send daughters home and reunite families. We know that a girl’s success when she returns home is greatly determined by her academic competence.

Academic accomplishment gives a girl more opportunities in life. Uinta excels at developing each girl’s strong academic foundation. Girls’ grades improve, they catch up to grade level, they acquire the organizational and study skills that promote academic achievement, and most of all, they enjoy learning.

A Place of Family and Community

Young women need the safety, warmth, and relationships that exist at home. If a girl’s struggles require that she must leave her home for treatment, that treatment should take place in a setting that duplicates the safety and warmth of home. When treatment looks like “real life,” it’s easier for a girl to generalize what she is learning in therapy into her life at home, school, and the community. The normal environment also helps girls feel that they are not “missing out” on life.

A Place that Emphasizes Relationships

Healthy, happy relationships are a cornerstone to a happy life. These relationships help girls feel connected to the world and themselves. However, developing and maintaining healthy relationships is an art that many of the girls at Uinta are struggling to learn. The first relationship that a girl learns to foster is her relationship with herself. If a girl is not healthy and happy with herself, nothing outside of her will change that.

When a girl develops a healthy self identity based on self worth, she can better assess her relationships with others and can discard damaging relationships and foster those that are healthy and positive. All of Uinta’s treatment approaches are focused on helping girls develop satisfying and supportive relationships so that they can live happy lives.

"It is clear to me that something quite magical happens at Uinta. Every time I visit it just gets better."
Educational Consultant